Monday, February 4, 2013

New Post on Visionary Womanhood About Raw Milk, Whole Foods, and Chickens

A few of "The Girls"
I have a new guest post ready on the Visionary Womanhood blog today called

In this article, I share some of our family's experiences with seeking economical ways to eat in a more healthy and sustainable way. Please feel free to share your own ideas and stories. 


  1. Excellent article. We have tried some of these things but in the end decided to buy foods from Christians when we can and shop at Farmer's Markets, Whole Foods or the regular grocer's the rest of the time. We try to eat as healthy as we can but the time and expense involved in doing some of these things was exhausting. I had to consider whether it is the best use of my time. Sometimes it isn't. Thanks for your insight.



    1. Exactly. And, we shouldn't feel guilty when we just can't follow all the rules for healthy eating. Do the best you can for your family and find that balance. Thanks for your comments. :)