Monday, February 25, 2008

Have You Seen This Yet? - Demographic Winter

I just ran across an interesting trailer for the soon-to-be released documentary, Demographic Winter, directed and produced by Rick Stout. You may access it here: I recall debating with other Christian women on a now-dissolved church forum about how the declining birth rates in industrialized, developed nations can be lain squarely at the feet of the churches in those countries. Sins against the traditional family, most of them sexual in nature, have not been disciplined by the church at large. Also, the acquiescence of Christian women to the use of birth control methods of nearly every type, including abortion, has only added to this dilemma. It is for this reason that I earnestly believe that feminism, both allowed and accepted by the church, has done societies around the world no favors.

The answer to "demographic winter" is, therefore, to
  • Seek Christ as your Lord and Saviour
  • Study the Scriptures regarding what God has to say about marriage and child bearing and pray for grace to accept them as your own convictions
  • Seek to either find a godly mate who shares those convictions or seek by prayer to encourage those convictions with the mate you have already been given
  • Don't be afraid of what others will think, say, or do because you have chosen to follow God's directives concerning your reproduction -- your life and the lives of future generations depend on it
  • Glorify God when you are able to obey your Creator with your whole heart in this area of obedience
  • Encourage your children to have children when they get married
  • Encourage women to prayerfully seek to fulfill their God-given roles of wife and mother
  • Discourage sexual promiscuity and perversion in all its forms
  • Encourage modesty and purity in your children and all those within your circle of influence
  • Never feel sorry for a woman who is pregnant within a biblical family context (and don't shake your head disapprovingly or say stupid things like, "Don't you know what causes that yet?")
  • Prayerfully and lovingly share the Gospel and what you have learned about your Creator's will concerning reproduction with others
Take time to view the Demographic Winter trailer and take a look at this article by Rebecca Hagelin entitled Endangered: Western civilization (The Heritage Foundation) for more information.