Saturday, February 23, 2008

Home Birth Online Midwife-to-Be Course

I just had to pass this on to my readers and all other interested parties. Lisa Aman is a licensed midwife in the state of South Carolina. She is offering a 39 1/3-credit hour online course for anyone interested in becoming a home birth midwife. The cost is very reasonable, and I appreciate the fact that the course work can be done from home, a very good option for those stay-at-home daughters who feel called to do this very needed line of service.

In fact, the family-centered philosophy of this program is refreshing in a world where the medical field often pushes the family out when a baby is born. Here is an excerpt from Lisa's philosophy and profile page:

My commitment to home birth is based on the concept that the family is the center of God's will for mankind and that we must do all we can to strengthen its influence in our society. Pregnancy is NOT a disease [Editor: Amen!] and therefore can usually be treated and fulfilled in the natural, peaceful setting of your home. Your baby deserves the best - home birth has been the safest place for babies and mothers for centuries and is practiced extensively in many other countries that have better statistics than the United States.

She also includes a book list for the course which would be an excellent resource for more information if you are interested in the home birth option for your own delivery or would like to investigate whether or not this is your own life's calling. Check for savings on these titles at the links to the right (,, and Ebay).

Check it out.