Friday, March 28, 2008

Cheap Pain Relief: The Humble "Rice Sock"

My mother is a genius. You'll figure that out if you read my posts long enough. One of the best things she ever passed on to me was the use of a rice sock. When you are in need of warm, moist heat in sickness or pain, it is the quickest, cheapest, and most effective relief you can get. So, while you are waiting for answered prayer for healing, please consider the many uses for this nifty little item:

Uses for a rice sock:

Hang it down your spine when you have
a backache, then sit back on it.

Place it around your neck when you
have a tension headache.

Put it over the top of your head so the
ends are on one or both ears. The warm,
moist heat is perfect for most earaches,
especially swimmer's ear. If not too hot,
it is very soothing to little ones. Test
on the inside of your wrist first after heating.

Certain medications, such as 
those for high blood pressure, 
may restrict the use of decongestants of 
any kind. This is the only relief I have 
found fora sinus headache from 
congestion. It gives instant relief.

These next two positions are perfect
for those who suffer from joint pain.
The warm, moist heat penetrates the the joint 
and speeds relief for all sorts of arthritis, 
bursitis,rheumatism, growing pains, you name it.

If you have a knee injury, and your
doctor advises using heat and cold
packs, exchange your heat sock with
an ice pack. The flexibility of the sock
helps it to get right to where the 
heat is needed most.

One other use I thought of (but wasn't willing to illustrate, of course) was laying it over your lower abdomen when having monthly tummy pains.

You may sometimes find similar items like this in the pharmacy section of your local store, but why spend the money when you probably have everything you need to make one in about 5 minutes?

Here's all you need:

2 cups of plain, dry rice
An old tube sock (preferably knee-length) !!!!!No Holes!!!!!
A wide-mouth funnel (such as used for filling wide-mouth canning jars)

Begin by pouring the measured rice into a large bowl. Place the sock over the bowl to catch spills, then insert a large-mouth funnel into the opening. Ladle the rice into the sock until about 1/2 to 2/3 full. Leave enough room at the top for a knot and so the rice has room to move around inside the sock.

Fold the top across itself and pull through to make a tight knot.

And, there you have it: the humble rice sock.

To use and maintain:

-- Heat the sock in a microwave oven for one minute, more or less.
-- Do not over heat or it may catch fire.
-- Please use caution when using a rice sock. Some skin is more sensitive than others.
-- I do not recommend using it on children under the age of six.
-- If it is too hot, give it a few minutes to cool down first.
-- Reheat as many times as is needed.
-- I'll warn you, it does smell sometimes. If it gets too rank, untie it, wash the sock, and refill with fresh rice. You need to do that once in awhile anyway.
-- Do not eat the used rice; pitch it.
-- If the sock becomes thin or gets a hole in it, just start fresh with another sock and new rice.
-- Keep the rice sock in a dry area where you can find it easily. I keep ours on top of the refrigerator in a decorative basket.

I have heard of people using other things like dry beans, but I have not tried those myself and cannot vouch for their effectiveness nor how to heat them.

Hope this will help you. Just make one. You will be surprised how often you use it. The kids will probably be asking for it more often than you will use it yourself. If you think of any other uses or know if similar ideas, I'd love to hear about them. Just post your comment below.