Thursday, March 27, 2008

Loving and Respecting Our Children

All this talk about hormones and delinquency makes me sad. The truth is, if we have laid the foundations of loving, mutually-respectful relationships with our children over the years, there should be very little of this.

When I consider the beautiful relationships Les and I have with all four of our children (even lost ones, even those going through puberty), I have to step back and wonder at the grace of God in answer to prayer. When we asked for wisdom, He gave it to us. When we failed, He, and the children, forgave us.

Though I could give you all the things we did, both good and bad, and I may some time, the point is that your children are not our children. The Lord gave them to you, and He expects you to ask Him for guidance. It is true that there are many directives given to parents and children in the Bible, and those must be preached and taught to us by faithful ministers and godly, older men and women. But, the bottom line is that each parent, each child, must pray for wisdom and work out the practical, day-to-day building of the parent-child relationship for themselves.