Friday, June 13, 2008

Celebrating Survival of an "Aborted" Baby

Jodie Percival of Nottinghamshire, England, with her beautiful baby boy, Finlay

This story about a mother, Jodie Percival, whose "aborted" baby, Finlay, survived in the womb and was brought to birth has been circulating the Christian blogosphere ever since it was first published. My friend, Anna (co-featured in the round-table discussion post regarding The Business of Being Born), was inspired to write the following poem in celebration of the event; it just gave me chills of joy when I read it:

Hurrah that Baby Finlay is here!
His precious life not taken!
Hurrah - give up another cheer!
Faith in the Pill is shaken!
Finlay, you see, was meant to be;
Abortion could not rout him.
And now Fin's mum must surely see
She would not live without him.
So what can we, the lookers on,
Now learn from this today?
Though men contrive to kill their spawn,
Still God will have His way!


Full story here:,23599,23815090-2,00.html