Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Humorous Site for Laaarge (and small) Families

I just have to pass this link on to anyone who needs a good laugh once in awhile. My dear friend from family camp, Keithslady (Keith's Lady), just keeps me rolling with her humorous, but true, stories about her family of 13. The name of her blog is appropriately Three Syllables. Here's why she chose that name:

When someone asks, "How many children do you have?", and you answer with, "Nine", or "Ten", they inevitably come back with, "HOW MANY did you say?" But when you say "E-lev-en", it registers the first time.

So many women I know who have several children seem to be uptight all the time. I know there are stresses unique to the calling of being a mother of many children, but none handles them with more grace than Keithslady. God bless her.