Monday, July 21, 2008

Cool! I've Been Tagged!

Wow, thanks, Mrs. B. (over at Her Peculiar Life). I've been asked to list five things I love, excluding family.

Numero uno: I love the Lord Jesus Christ. If it weren't for Him and the work of grace He has done in my life, nothing else would matter. I really wouldn't have a thankful and loving heart and would probably have a hard time listing anything more than "Me" in this list.

Secondly, I love the Word of God and anything Scripture related, such as great preaching, sound doctrinal books, personal and family devotions, Bible studies, online and in-person Bible discussions, and etc.

Third: I love reading, researching, and writing about biblical Christian womanhood, including this blog and whatever e-books I can find time to churn out. (There are a few in the works.)

Fourth: I love the deep, precious friendships with which the Lord has blessed me over the years: my Miss Bonnie, for one; Aunt Jo (not really my own aunt, so she still counts), who went on to be with the Lord this year; Donna K., who moved all the way to Florida so many years ago and whom I'd give anything to hug her sweet neck; Kim E. whom I had to leave behind in Illinois; Marcey K., my newest soul-friend; and my mom -- oops, wasn't supposed to include family -- ;).

Last of all, I love the essences of nature which fill my senses and calm my spirit, a precious gift from my Creator Father: the soothing sounds of a babbling brook and the twitter of the birds which greet me each morning; the feel of cool grass between my toes and a soothing breeze against my cheek; the smells of fresh-cut grass, new-turned soil, and the heady fragrance of our heirloom rose bush (which my husband keeps trying to kill because it shades his tomatoes, but only makes it come back each year more hardy and full of blooms -- Thanks, Hon'!); the taste of wild berries picked fresh along a hiking path; and the brilliant majesty of a September sunset.

Thank you, again, Mrs. B., for the opportunity to share five things I love. It has been an exercise in thankfulness for me this morning. We should do this every day!

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