Saturday, September 27, 2008

Cashing In

Could you use a little extra free cash? I've been saving up for a trip to visit my mother and step-father for some time now. I've earned a little here, a little there, and I almost have enough. If you find that you have some things you would like to have or do, but, like me, just can't justify dipping into the household income for, then you might consider a few of these offers I've come across this week:

  1. Join Ebates for free and get $10 free (details below2). It's usually $5.00 when you sign up, but through 10/31/2008 you can receive an extra $5.00!
  2. Join InBox Dollars and get a jump start with $5.00 free (details below3). No expiration.
These are not affiliates, but free cash incentives.
  • I earn automatic rebates through Ebates when I shop at stores I already use online.
  • InBox Dollars is a work-from-home opportunity with which I have already earned $25.00 with very little effort.
You may click on the Ebates and InBox Dollars links anywhere in this post to access them.

Also, when you take advantage of any of these offers, you will also be helping to fund my trip to visit my mom. Thanks!
(UPDATE: I was able to make the trip! Thank you for taking the time to give these offers a try. I am updating this nearly two years later and am still making money with these two online companies. Give them a try! They work!)

1Ebates: If you shop online at all, you are wasting money by not going through Ebates first! There are literally a 1,000+ stores to choose from. For instance, I saved $16.00 on a bouquet I had sent to my sister in Kentucky when I ordered it from (5%) through Ebates. I also save every time I make used book purchases through my favorite online merchants such as Abebooks (5%), Alibris (4%), and (3%). Sign up is free, and you will automatically receive $10.00 (usually only $5) through October 31, 2008.

2InBox Dollars: I had heard about InBox Dollars on several other blogs, but was a little skeptical. However, when Crystal mentioned it on her blog,, I knew it was trustworthy. You may choose what to participate in. I prefer the totally free cash offers, which usually involve signing up for newsletters, information by mail, or trying out a site online. I give them my "junk" email address rather than my personal address, so I don't get spammed. It may involve going to the "junk" email and confirming the offer, but it takes little time to do this. You may also take surveys, which I really like to do anyway. The least amounts you can make are from reading (scanning) short emails. These are only worth a few cents each, but they do add up. When your account reaches $30, you get a check. Do as much or as little as you like.