Friday, September 19, 2008

The Importance of Sleep

Have you ever had a hard week? Well, I've just had one. It just seems like I am drained. I've been giving, and giving, and giving, and I'm all given out. Yet, tomorrow I must give some more.

It has occurred to me I haven't had enough sleep this week. Some of that was from "giving," but some of it was just trying to do a little more before hitting the sack (like right now).

The Scripture says in Genesis, chapter one, that "the evening and the morning" were the ____th day. I have heard that the Jewish day traditionally begins with the appearance of the first star in the sky in the evening.

Now, why would God direct them to begin their day at night? I've been considering that this week. It must be because a good night's sleep is so important to how we function the rest of the day. I must conclude, therefore, that rest should be number one in our health, beauty, and wellness routines.

Here are a few things to consider about rest:
  • The more hours of sleep one gets before 11 pm, the better that rest will be.
  • A constant sleep of eight hours without interruption is best. Therefore, abstaining from liquids after, say, eight o'clock might keep you from having to get up to use the restroom. Also, be sure to go to the restroom before bed, too, just like when night training a toddler. We need good sleep as much as they do.
  • If you are nursing, consider bringing baby to bed with you when it's time for a night feeding. Everyone will get a better night's sleep.[1] 
  • Not getting enough sleep can cause you to have trouble with your memory, can short circuit your ability to reason, and may interfere with your response time (think: car accident).
  • Not getting enough sleep makes mountains out of mole hills, causes you to take people in the wrong way, makes you say things you wouldn't ordinarily say, makes you irritable, and makes the whole world seem bleak.
Need I say more?

I'm going to bed.

[1] Unless you drink alcohol or take drugs, which cause you to sleep abnormally deep like the prostitutes in 1 Kings 3, co-sleeping is of little concern. Mothers have been nursing in bed since the Garden.