Thursday, September 11, 2008

Patriot Day 2008

I have not forgotten.

How could I forget?

It was our Andrew's 9th birthday.

What a present.

He, his twelve-year-old sister, and I sat in astonished grief as we watched the horror unfold live before our eyes on our clunky, old television. It usually sat on a ratty kitchen chair in the laundry area of our unfinished basement. (We kept it there so we wouldn't be tempted to watch it as much.) But, on 9/11, the kids lugged it up to the living room so we could keep an eye on the news throughout the day.

I ran and got my diary. When I came back, I noticed that Lydia had also gotten hers. As we brushed away the flood of tears which continued to come, we both feverishly recorded our thoughts for our descendants. We didn't want them to forget either.

Andrew was still too young to write a hasty history. So, he drew a picture instead, a picture of planes flying into buildings. . . . And, what are those little dots along side of the buildings? Could it be people jumping to their deaths?

He was a stoic little man back then and still is to a great degree. I didn't realize until later what an impact that day would make on him and on his future.

By that time, Andrew had already begun wearing camouflage after seeing photos of his father in his Marine yearbook from boot camp. But, after 9/11, camouflage became his daily garment of choice. It was that day which determined for this young man his decision, by the grace of God, to join the military. He still has two years to go, but his resolve has never wavered.

Andrew wearing camo and face paint at his 13th birthday party.

He intends to train to be a police officer while in the military, a keeper of the peace. After seeing the death and destruction of that day, keeping peace in the world in which we live became his guiding force.

Lord willing, one day, on Patriot Day, our Andrew will willingly offer himself in service to his country.

Please pray for our Andrew as He seeks God's will for his life.