Monday, September 29, 2008

Psychiatry - The Counsel of Ungodly Men

I received an email from a dear reader this evening alerting me to the fact that what I said about psychiatry being the counsel of ungodly men was hurtful to many who read my posts, including those who read At the Well.

I thought it might be profitable to share my heartfelt response to her in case there are others who were also offended by what I said:

Hello, (Reader):

You are absolutely right that I do not intend to hurt anyone with my writings. However, when I write the things I do, they are born out of deep conviction that what I am saying will be of help to those who read them. I also take very seriously the eternal consequences of the counsel I give.

Let me begin by saying that it is not necessarily the person you are receiving psychiatric counseling from who is ungodly, but the counsel they are giving you is indeed the counsel of ungodly men. I do not know if you are familiar with the history of psychology and the wicked men who formed it's practices, but there are several sources online which may help you understand why I could never support its teachings.

-- a brief history of psychiatry/psychology on Wikipedia
-- the life and beliefs of Sigmund Freud
-- an article entitled "How Does Psychology Work With Biblical Counseling?"
-- a website which explains nouthetic counseling (a biblical approach to addressing mental disorders)

I'm not saying I am right about everything, but I truly believe that psychology's roots and practices are not only contrary to the teachings of the Bible, but cannot be redeemed by adding Christianity to it. In fact, I am convinced both by personal experiences and of those near and dear to me, that they are indeed harmful to those who are serviced by it's practitioners.

I listened to the counsel of two of the nation's top Christian psychiatrists for many years and only ended up in a downward spiral of self-pity and deep despair. It wasn't until I saw myself and those around me in the light of Scripture (nouthetic counseling) that I was finally brought out into the light and was permanently healed of all my troubles.

I do not condemn anyone for seeking help for mental disorders. They are real, and they are deeply painful. However, I suspect that your psychiatrist/psychologist really has not been able to give you any lasting results. I am pleased to tell you that there is an alternative, nouthetic counseling, which may be the final answer to your distress. There are probably nouthetic counselors listed in your yellow pages if you should ever wish to give it a try. You may be blessedly surprised.

If you could understand my heart, (Reader), you would never be hurt by any subject I approach. I love my readers, and I want God's very best for their lives. I truly wish to see ladies and their families live healthy, happy, and holy lives. From what I know about psychiatric methods of dealing with the mind, I do not believe they have anything profitable to offer anyone, leastwise those who are struggling mentally. Therefore, in order to keep a clear conscience before God and man, I must continue to steer my precious readers away from it's snares.

You are in my prayers, friend.

Most sincerely,
Marcia Wilwerding

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"Am I therefore become your enemy, because I tell you the truth?" Galatians 4:16