Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Getting It All Done With Little Ones - Part 1

Truly, if the feminists' mantra is "having it all," then the stay-at-home-moms' must be "getting it all done." Rarely, however, are either of these possible in the real world.

Take, for instance, this question from a young mother facing a situation which sounds all too familiar:

With a frequently nursing baby and two mess-making boys, how can I possibly get my home and homeschool organized and clean?

This same dear lady also mentioned she is trying to work at home for an online company, start her own online business, and do some writing on the side. Whew! I got tired just reading about it.

Yet, as
a Christian woman, it is vitally important to stop every once in awhile and re-evaluate where you are in the overall scheme of life. Some go from unmarried to married to motherhood all in one year. Don't get me wrong -- that's a good thing. Then baby number two comes along in close second with number three hot on his heels. And, before you know it, you end up in the following scenario. (Does this sound familiar?)

While taking a break to nurse your baby, you look around at the disaster area once known as your living room. Though nursing is good for you and your little one, it also gives you time to look around at what you didn't see while busy doing other important things.

I remember those days well. I remember feeling overwhelmed. I remember weeping as my little one detached long enough to look up at me with a concerned look on his face and a pucker around his sweet, little mouth. Then, I'd re-attach him, rock a little bit, wipe my tears, and begin to pray. I prayed for wisdom first of all. That's when the Lord reminded me of my priorities. What
was really important?

In my e-book, 20/20 Vision for a Happy Home, I list the three top priorities for every Christian wife and mother:

  1. Your God
  2. Your husband
  3. Your children
It should stand to reason time with God is paramount. If you are out of touch with Him, you are going to fail in every other area. A woman who wishes to get her home in order must carve out some time to be in the Word and prayer. However, if you are a mother with little ones, you may need to be creative.

Half an hour free of responsibilities and interruptions will most likely be impossible at this stage of life. (Forget it. It won't happen. At least not for another twenty years.) I suggest listening to the Bible on CD and praying while you nurse the baby, wash dishes, fold laundry, or even while you're in the tub or getting dressed for the day.

If you will make communion with God your number one priority, I guarantee you will be much more at peace and better able to discern what His will is for your home and family.

In Part 2, we'll take a look at the second and third priorities and give you some practical advice for getting it all done with little ones.

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