Monday, February 9, 2009

Patriarchs and Botkins and Pearls, Oh My!

"Lions and tigers and bears! Oh, my!"
-- Dorothy,
The Wizard of Oz

Mind if I rant a bit? I'm just a little disturbed by people who are ... disturbed.

I hear it all the time how Patriarch magazine, the Botkin sisters, and Michael and Debi Pearl, among others, will be the ruin of us all! Since there are perverts out there who spank their wives, we shouldn't read anything from Phil Lancaster (Patriarch magazine [no longer published], Family Man, Family Leader); since there are parents holding their grown daughters hostage, we shouldn't read or view anything the Botkin sisters put out (So Much More, The Return of the Daughters); and since some parents abuse their children, we shouldn't read the Pearls' materials (To Train Up a Child).

I can guarantee you not one of these authors/publishers promotes such atrocities, but clearly state in their materials that such actions are unlawful, both biblically and civilly. Yet, you can find people all over the Web who claim otherwise and warn their readers not to even touch one of these books lest they be moved to beat their spouses and children, tie them up, and torch the house!


I've -- sort of -- been guilty of this at times. I've warned others about certain writers and things I was "concerned" about in their writings. In fact, there are things I certainly do disagree with concerning all of the above mentioned authors, especially some of their doctrinal beliefs. However, there is a vast difference between disagreeing with someone and vilifying them.

So, I hope you will hold me accountable should I start sounding disturbed. If I read into what others have written or warn you that reading a certain author will be the ruin of your family, I hope you will leave a comment and remind me.

Okay? Will you do that?


And, by the way, please get the books and DVDs from these authors and read/view them for yourselves. I trust that you will do so with prayer and godly discernment. If you have questions, I'm open to discussion, but disturbing rants will simply be deleted. I'm just tired of it.