Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Times of Chaos

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There are many ways in which the peaceful equilibrium of our homes can be upset to the point we are overwhelmed. What should we do when we find ourselves in these situations, how can we guide our children through the storm, and how might we avoid chaos in the first place?

In the Midst of the Storm

Once we are in the midst of the storm, the first thing to do is prioritize. What really is the most important thing at that moment? For instance, when you notice the horse is loose right when you're getting into the car to go to church, it's a no brainer to secure the horse rather than be on time for church. It may not always be that simple. By definition chaos usually isn't easy to figure out. Yet, by taking a moment to stop, think, and pray, we can often discern a clear plan of action.

We mustn't be afraid to ask for help when we really need it. For instance, getting input from your spouse -- even if you have to call him at work -- may help bring things into clearer focus. You might also need to enlist the aid of your older children, call a family member, close friend, or even your pastor, if necessary, to help bring things back into order. "A friend in need is a friend indeed."

Guiding Our Children Through

Many times as parents we get caught up in discussions between husband and wife which we are not aware are distressing to our children. Some are too young to really understand what is happening. All they know is that Dad is uptight or worried and Mom is crying or moody. It helps to discuss problems out of earshot of the children when possible.

When the children are involved, however -- especially concerning older children -- it is a great time to teach them about the faithfulness of our Sovereign God to turn every trouble into a blessing in the end. Even when we are not entirely sure ourselves, the Lord often gives us a boost of faith when we encourage others to be strong in the face of trials or discouraging circumstances. It is good to memorize and remind one another of Scripture at times like these. My particular favorite is Romans 8:28.

Avoiding Chaos In the First Place

Yet, perhaps some of the chaos of life may be avoided altogether simply by a schedule adjustment. One of the main ways many women invite trouble is by taking on too many obligations outside the home. Yet, even too many projects online or in the home business can be a contributor to the disruption of the home environment.

All it takes is one thing to go wrong, and everything starts falling down around our ears. Therefore, it is best to leave some breathing room, some room for living. Just because you have 48 half-hour slots in your daily schedule doesn't mean they all have to be filled. Make room for chaos.

In conclusion, remember chaos should only be a glitch in the overall workings of a home. If yours is in a constant state of disruption, it's time to call a time out to reflect, pray, and discern what needs to change. I encourage you to take it before the Lord and discuss it with an older, godly woman and with your husband. Listen to what they have to say and pray for grace to make the necessary changes.