Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Should Feminists & Traditionalists Agree On This?

What's wrong with this conclusion?

"Feminists and traditionalists should be able to agree, for instance, that the structures of American society don’t make enough allowances for the particular challenges of motherhood. We can squabble forever about the choices that mothers ought to make, but the difficult work-parenthood juggle is here to stay. (Just ask Sarah and Todd Palin.) And there are all kinds of ways — from a more family-friendly tax code to a more accommodating educational system — that public policy can make that juggle easier. Conservatives and liberals won’t agree on the means, but they ought to agree on the end: a nation where it’s easier to balance work and child-rearing, however you think that balance should be struck."[1]
(Emphasis mine.)

Isn't there another option? How about the "traditional" stay-at-home mom who is free to rear the children at home while the go-to-work dad . . . um, works?

Now, that's balance!

Be sure to go read the whole article. It's very interesting.

[1] Ross Douthat, "Liberated and Unhappy," New York Times on the Web, May 25, 2009, <> (May 27, 2009).