Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Muslim Demographics: The Old Question of "Who Will Rule the Earth?"

I once read a book called Fatal Misconception: The Struggle to Control World Population by Matthew Connelly. This book gives a very detailed history of the population control movement from its inception to how it has continued to spread across the globe. From this excellent work I am finding that many of the issues raised in the well-circulated YouTube video, Muslim Demographics[1], were also present when the push for birth control worldwide was in its infancy.

Back then the more affluent and free Western world feared being taken over by the starving masses in India and Africa and/or by the Communist countries of Russia and China. Instead of the Muslim Scare, it was the Red Scare. It is no surprise the exact same rhetoric is being used all over again. However, instead of pushing for the funding of birth control, there is a push for Christians to have more children in order to raise up an army of missionaries to confront and convert the invading fertile Muslims. Though this may at first appear to be a rational response to such a perceived threat, a closer examination may prove otherwise.

For one thing, the most fearful thing for Christians may not be an invasion of fertile Muslims. Given the history of the population control movement, there may be a greater threat in how our own country would handle a growing Muslim population. IF there were any danger of a Muslim overpopulation in the United States, looking back at how the "Scare" was handled nearly 100 years ago, it is certain our government -- along with the wealthiest contributors of social engineering (The Ford Foundation, the Rockefellers, etc.) -- would scramble to enforce by law some of the same means of curbing the growth of Muslim families as they have other perceived "threats," such as:
  • Demanding there be more opportunities for women to be educated and employed (proven to reduce fertility rates everywhere it has been tried)
  • Providing easily accessible contraceptives and abortions provided by Planned Parenthood clinics in every neighborhood where these "threats" decide to settle
  • And, by far the most intrusive of all, enforcing compulsory government education for all children in order to control which worldview they would be taught 
Some Christians may see this third option as a good thing when it comes to Muslim children. However, the problem with trying to control the religious beliefs of one people group is to facilitate the control of the religious beliefs of all people groups, including Christians. Truth be told, the Christian worldview is no more welcome than that of militant Muslims. In fact, a surge of births among devout Christians would be seen as just as much a threat to the movers and shakers of the West as a population explosion among Muslim families. Some would even consider it as more of a threat.[2]

Though we understand that having large families and teaching our children a biblical worldview is spiritual warfare, the world never sees it that way. They see what they want to see, and they see true believers of any stripe as a threat. In the eyes of population control proponents, the perceived threat is not with fertile Muslim families but with fertility itself. It is entirely possible the spread of a Muslim "scare" could facilitate measures which would impact large Christian families as well.

Ironically, by promoting fertility in the name of population wars, we fall into the same camp with the likes of Charles Darwin, of all people. His evolutionary thinking spawned the eugenics movement which launched the first wave of population control measures which were facilitated first by private then by government agencies.

Therefore, let us consider seriously that there are much more Scriptural reasons to let God have control of the size of one's families than out producing the Muslims. We must acknowledge God's sovereignty in the populations even of heathen peoples and pray rather that He would raise up laborers -- perhaps, but not exclusively, from among our Christian families -- to spread the Gospel to the lost and dying of every people group, including some who were even born and raised in Christian families.

[1] http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6-3X5hIFXYU

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