Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Welcome to Our New Home

Our cute little cape cod

After many, many days of searching, investigating, and running thither and yon, we have finally purchased and are moved into our new house. The big move was on May 31, but we are still making runs back and forth from what is now Jonathan's house (our old one) to our new place. If you've ever moved, you know there are all those little odds and ends left after you think you are all moved out. Then, there are the hours and hours of thorough cleaning to do which never got done while you were living there.

Our sweet little house is located, unfortunately, on a very busy street. If I pay attention, I can hear cars, trucks, buses, and motorcycles going by nearly non-stop. I say, if I pay attention. If I'm not paying attention, I notice it hardly at all. On the other hand, it nearly drives my poor husband nuts. He is very sensitive to noise at times, so it's taking him a little longer to adjust.

I say it is a cute little house. However, I have some ideas for giving it a little makeover. What do you think?

A few ideas for a face lift: board & batten shutters,
window boxes, and a barn star

I have noticed several other cape cod houses in our neighborhood. I noticed that many of them have added shutters to the front in order to make the windows stand out. I like that. Also, since I am in love with the country cottage style, I thought I'd add some window boxes and a rusty colored barn star to the front porch. Les is thinking we need something in the corners for landscaping. Lydia suggested blueberry bushes which have lovely flowers in the spring, fruit in the summer, pretty leaves in fall, and red canes in the winter. They also happen to grow very well in our soil. Perfect!

The most exciting part of any house, of course, is the kitchen. At first, we weren't sure if we would have as much cupboard space as we had in the old house. But, we were delighted to discover this kitchen is set up for a woman who is serious about cooking. The cabinets are the perfect height and depth to keep everything within easy reach. We even have room to spare. It's true, however, we had to move some larger cookware to the pantry in the hallway, but those are things we don't use every day.

I'll try to remember to give an update when we have it all stocked and decorated. See the little black dot on the wall above the curtain? That is a single plug-in made especially for a specific type of kitchen clock. Anyone know where I can find one?

The hub

One thing I really looked forward to in owning our own property was to have a clothesline and be allowed to use it. Our trailer park didn't allow hanging clothing outdoors, so we have been wasting quite a bit of energy on drying our laundry for the past three years. I hung out my first load last week and enjoyed every minute of it. I forgot how relaxing it is. It's good exercise, too, and gets me into the sunshine for a little while.

See those posts that look like soccer goals?
Those hold up my clotheslines -- Yipeeeeee!

We had to have a garden area, also. To our dismay, we discovered only a few days before the closing that the property line bumped right up against the house nearly. There is no room for a garden anywhere but the back yard between the house and the little shed. It's a pity, too, because the owners of the huge, empty lot (pictured above beyond the clothesline) hasn't been willing to sell us anymore land. And, we aren't about to lease it from them either!

So, we rented a rototiller and plowed up half the back yard. It .. is .. so .. sandy. Lydia, our resident master gardener, is confident we can amend the soil (aka sand) over time with some organic matter (aged manure, compost, yard clippings, etc.). I know she's right, but it's still hard to wait for the soil to become fertile. We went ahead and planted everything, however, and are keeping it well watered and fertilized. Mulch is helping to keep it moist, as well.

Our garden is now located between the shed and
the line of rose bushes in the forefront of this photo.

Those are all the updates for now. Be sure to come back for another little visit with me soon. I'll try to get new pictures to keep you posted.