Thursday, September 3, 2009

How Modern Medicine Derails Being Quiverful

If you believe God would have you not use birth control of any kind, then please consider some very important truths regarding modern OB-GYN medicine. Most doctors in this profession will not share your beliefs and will most likely do what they can to derail your best intentions.

I spoke with a woman recently who is a case in point. She and her husband agreed even before they were married not to use birth control. The Lord blessed them with three wonderful and healthy children within a three-year time span. However, she had to have all three by c-section and was told she would need to have this major surgery every time she conceived. It was an easy decision, then, to allow them to insert a birth control hormone in her arm in order to prevent her from having any more surgeries/children.

When she relates her first birth story, it is evident her doctor acted in such a way that surgery was inevitable. For one thing, he induced her labor early, creating a crisis situation where the baby was trying to be born before her body was ready. Oops. Well, bring on the knife! As I mentioned before, she was told that from that point on she would need to have every baby by this method. No one mentioned VBAC (vaginal birth after cesarean) to her. She didn't even know it was possible.

She has endured much physical and emotional suffering since her last baby. The doctor thought it might have been from having three major surgeries in three years, but her husband suspected the birth control hormones. She has recently had them removed from her arm and is doing much better. However, her doctors now have her on a hormone by mouth which has a warning label a mile long including a high risk for cancer. Her doctor is pressing her to insert an IUD. However, I warned her that doing so would be committing abortion each time she conceives.

I believe the problem with this dear sister is not with using birth control at this point, but in having made poor, uninformed decisions early in the pregnancy/birth process. It is a tragedy which brings her much grief and remorse, but she and her husband are praying earnestly for God to show them what to do next.

This dear sister is 40 years old, over weight, suffers from periodic seizures, and is, at times, emotionally unbalanced. What advice would you give her? I must confess I did not counsel her not to use birth control. I didn't really know what to tell her. I just tried to walk her through what happened and to discern where she may have made wrong decisions. If she cannot go back to her convictions not to use birth control, at least she can counsel her own daughters and other younger women what to do and what not to do that they may choose God's natural plan for not preventing children.

I have shared all of this to say this: if you are planning to have God plan your family size, then please get informed early, especially before you get married.

My best advice is to research using a midwife and to plan a home birth. Watch the DVD The Business of Being Born (very graphic; not for men or children). It's available through
iconby mail or by instant download, through, or look for it through your local library. While you're at the library, check out some books on midwifery and home birth. Also, search the Web and talk to some people who have used a midwife at home.

However, if you do your homework and still decide not to use a midwife or home birth, then at least try to find a health care provider, a birthing center, and/or a hospital who will allow you to have your children naturally without medical intervention -- except in a TRUE emergency. Even then, it is up to you to become informed about what truly is an emergency and what procedures may actually create a life-threatening situation which requires surgery.

It is important to consider these issues before you get to a crisis point in your child bearing years. In fact, if you decide to home birth, please be sure to discuss this option with your fiancee when you talk about having children. By doing so, you may avoid much heartache later on.