Sunday, August 16, 2009

The Oldy Wed Game

Hey, all! Just a quick note to share a sweet game with you which we played for our son and daughter-in-love's wedding reception celebration. It's called the "Oldy-Wed Game."

Begin by choosing ten or more questions: five for the husbands and five for the wives.

Next, choose three or more seasoned, married couples from your audience who have a great marriage record. It is wise to request their participation ahead of time so they aren't in an awkward position if they don't feel comfortable doing it. We chose our pastor and his wife (married 60+ years), a couple in their 50s, and a couple in their 40s.

The game starts by having the men exit to a sound-proof room. Then ask each woman separately to answer the first question. Once she has answered verbally, have her write the answer on a piece of 8 1/2- by 11-inch poster board with a large marker. After all questions have been answered, have the men come back and sit next to their wives and ask them the same questions. The answers should be placed faced down on the wives' laps. When their husband answers each question, have her lift the card with that answer.

Bill & Marcey Kosachuck
(That's me with the rented wireless mic that
went out halfway through the game. Bummer.)

When all the questions have been asked, the wives take their turn in the sound-proof room while their husbands are asked their questions. And, the game proceeds as mentioned before.

Here are some questions I asked at the reception:

To the women:
Pastor Bernie & Helen Timmerman

1. When you are planning something special, does your mate like to be surprised or does he try to find out what you're up to?
2. What is your favorite restaurant when you go out alone together for a special occasion?
3. Where would you go on a second honeymoon?
4. What was the one thing which surprised you about your husband after you were first married?
5. If your husband were a dog, what type would he be: a golden retriever, a beagle, or a German shepherd?

To the men:

1. Where did you first meet your bride-to-be?
2. What did you do for your first date?
3. What is the most unusual gift you have ever given your wife?
4. What is your wife's favorite meal?
5. What is your wife's shoe size?

Glenna & Dave Vanderkooi

If anyone was truly stumped by a question, I would proceed to the next contestant in order to keep things moving, then go back to them later. Two of the three ladies refused to answer the question about what surprised them about their husbands when they were first married because they couldn't think of anything positive. I told them that was fine and offered extra credit for the one who answered it if her husband got it right (he didn't). But the question about what dog their husbands would be really went over well.

When forming your own questions, be sure to keep it clean and don't include anything which might embarrass or belittle either spouse. This game is meant to be very light and good natured.

What are some good questions you might ask?