Wednesday, September 30, 2009

What Will You Give the World?

This excerpt was taken from an article in an old copy of the Youth's Living Ideals magazine. See if you can guess the date of the magazine before the end of the article. I'm not even sure that this publication is available anymore.

What Will You Give the World?

"America never needed Christian homes more than during present war-cursed days, so full of doubt, darkness, debauchery, destruction, distress, and death. A well-known military chaplain of the last war in appealing to American parents to rear their children along Christian lines, said:

'For four busy and heart-breaking years as a chaplain I have tried to be pastor, parent, and brother to American servicemen. With my own eyes I have seen hundreds become children of God and begin living for Christ in most difficult surroundings. I have seen the glorious results of Christian training as hundreds of men and officers, by the grace of God, demonstrated the Spirit of Christ in the camps. These things keep me alive and encouraged in service for my Lord.

'On the other hand, I have seen hundreds of men disinteregrate in body, mind, and soul on the very brink of hell. We stand helplessly by and watch with horror and amazement as men and officers sell themselves to Hell and drag their companions with them. I know and you know the cause of their moral failure. As parents, many are guilty before God and man.

'My dear friends, place no value on anything you have or on anything anybody else has unless it directly or indirectly contributes to the Christian training of your children and those of your neighbors...You have no right to sleep or eat with children in your home untaught in the ways of Christ, until you obey the command of God to teach them His Word. More than we need food, clothes, money or shelter; more than armament, even more than peace, we need Christian homes!'

"...bring them up in the nurture and admonition of the Lord." -- Ephesians 6:4

"Oh, that Christians would prevailingly cry to God for a generation of Christian parents who will erect a mighty Christian bulwark in their nation and church by sincerely standing with Joshua in saying, "As for me and my house, we will serve the Lord." (Joshua 25:15)"

--Dr. William McCarrell
Founder of the Independent Fundamental Churches of America

Youth's Living Ideals, December 1967, pp. 84-85

(Since Dr. McCarrell was involved in the founding of the IFCA in 1930, I assume that the "wars" referred to in his quote are the First and Second World Wars.)

I cannot be certain that Dr. Carrell wrote this article originally for the Youth's Living Ideals in 1967, but it just hit me that at least a full generation (forty years) after this man of God prayed for a revival in the home, I believe he got God's answer to that prayer in what is currently termed the homeschool movement.