Monday, May 10, 2010

Conveniently Clean Green With EcoStore Products

(Product Review)

I had a wonderful opportunity to review several products from several months ago. And, I've got to tell you, I was impressed.

It is becoming increasingly important to me that my home -- not to mention the world my grandchildren will grow up in -- be as free of harmful chemicals as possible. Yet, I imagine you can relate to my dilemma. I am a relaxed homemaker. If it's complicated, I probably won't do it. Cooking completely from scratch and making my own cleaning products have only come after many, many years of trial and error in making those chores a habit. In fact, I still struggle at times.

That's why I see the products from as a short cut to making a chemical-free home and environment a reality for many people just like me. No more purchasing individual ingredients, measuring, mixing, sometimes cooking (!) mixtures, filling bottles, then storing all those leftover ingredients. Everything is already mixed up and ready to use just like those convenient chemical-laden cleaners on the grocery store shelves.

But, wait! If you live near Meijer or Duanereade stores, you may be able to find the fine products from on your grocery store shelves. If not, do not despair. Our friends from have now made it possible to order their full line of products online and have them shipped straight to your door. Plus, you get free shipping on all online orders over $25! How much more convenient can you get? :)

I sampled the following products in exchange for this review:
  • Coconut Soap: I love this bath soap! The lather is rich and the scent is heavenly. In fact, I loved it so much, I actually hid it from the rest of my family. (That's just between us. I wouldn't want them to know how selfish I am.) ;)
  • Citrus Spray Cleaner: All-purpose cleaners have always been my favorites because they are just that: all purpose. I like to keep one in the kitchen and one in each bathroom. I must admit I really had my doubts about its effectiveness compared to my former chemical-laden "formula" product, but this one really stood up to all the grime in our home in both kitchen and bath.
  • Dishwash Liquid: Again, I had some doubts about how well this product would stand up to our family's level of grease and grime. Yet, again, I was not disappointed. This dishwashing soap cuts the grease just as well as the leading brands, but without the harsh chemicals. Your hands will thank you for this one. Here's a tip: you will have to train your family (and yourself) not to add more soap when you don't see a sink full of suds. As with other natural cleaners, this formula doesn't need air bubbles in order to do the hard work. Don't get all excited when you don't see suds. Just go with the lesser amount to start with and add more only when you really need it. You may also save an additional few bucks by bulk purchasing the 32-ounce bottle instead of the 16-ounce.
  • Laundry Liquid: This is another favorite of mine. I have really struggled with making our own laundry soap. I have tried both powdered and liquid recipes without being completely satisfied with any of them. I do not like shopping for ingredients, grating soaps, mixing recipes, and then having to find storage for all the leftover ingredients. I had a terrible reaction once when I inhaled some of the powdered soap I was putting into the washer, and the trouble of literally cooking up a pot of liquid goop is not something I look forward to. If you have the same issues I have with making your own laundry soap, but want or need your clothing and bedding to be chemical free, then this will be your best friend on laundry day. Those with sensitive skin issues and laundry detergent allergies will benefit as well from this all-natural formula. This is a super-concentrated product, so, just as with homemade laundry soaps, you will measure it by tablespoons rather than cups. Please see the bottle for instructions for measurements. And, as with the dishwash liquid, you may save a few dollars by purchasing this product in the larger 32-ounce bottle.
If you are serious about making your home a more chemical-free environment, but do not want the hassles of making your own, I sincerely believe will be your number one source for eco-friendly, ready-made cleaning, bath, pet, and baby products.

Look for them at Meijer, Duanereade, or online at

Please note: Although these items were given to me by the EcoStore in exchange for reviewing them on my blog, the comments I have shared above are all true and accurately reflect my personal opinions about the products.