Monday, July 5, 2010

Mind Your Own Mortgage - Book Review

I am not always thrilled with the books I get free for reviews. But, this one from Thomas Nelson is a KEEPER!

Are you interested in getting a mortgage you can really afford? How about saving tens of thousands of dollars in interest and paying off your home in no time flat in the process? Then, before you go house shopping, before you speak with a loan specialist, and even before you refinance,!

After reading Mind Your Own Mortgage: The Wise Homeowner's Guide to Choosing, Managing, and Paying Off Your Mortgageby Robert J. Bernabé I understand for the first time how easy it is to get into a mortgage mess, and I can see clearly all the mistakes we made over the years in getting home loans. In fact, our first purchase in 1994 was a disaster waiting to happen. We would have been clueless about the impending dangers had we still been under that original loan. 

Rob Bernabé is the man to listen to regarding mortgages. Ever heard of E*TRADE? Mr. Bernabé was responsible for making this online mortgage lending company number one in just three years. Now he's on a mission to transform the way home owners shop for mortgages. You can beat the system equipped with the knowledge and tools found in Mind Your Own Mortgage. In this little volume you will find
  • In layman's terms, how the mortgage lending system works
  • How to insulate yourself from slick-talking loan salesmen 
  • How to shop for the best mortgage price and not be sucked into a loan you can't really afford
  • When to walk away from what only looks like a good deal
  • The best circumstances under which to refinance your current loan to your best advantage
  • How to eliminate thousands of dollars from the life of your loan and knock off years of mortgage debt in the process
  • Print forms such as the MYOM Mortgage Shopping Checklist and Rate Sheet Quote 
  • Where to find optional online membership tools
  • And loads of advice for having a healthy financial future 
  • All from a distinctively Christian perspective!
As Mr. Bernabé states over and over again, "A sound mortgage equals a sound economy." Please, don't go house shopping before reading this book! And make your teenagers read it, too. Most of them will purchase their first home (and incur their largest debt in the process) before turning 25. You can secure a sound financial future for your children and grandchildren by learning what it takes to be financially fit as you "mind your own mortgage."