Sunday, July 25, 2010

Under His Sprinklers

Guest Post:  I received a very special email devotional from an online friend the other day which really resonated with me. It spoke to my heart, and I'd like to share it with you. With the gardens in full swing and the zucchini at nearly every meal, I can really relate to this. :)

All I did was work on different parts of the garden.  I wasn't being lazy.  Honest.  But when I had my back turned, that other corner of the garden had a lot of sneaky weeds taking over.  I mean TAKING OVER!  Waist high, in a couple of weeks' neglect!

Sigh.  I guess I should expect that from such warm weather, after all these years of gardening.  But I am still surprised by the vigor and tenacity of weeds.

How come my vegetables don't exhibit those same characteristics?

Except zucchini.  Now that is an amazingly fast-growing vegetable.  Not very tenacious, in adverse conditions like drought or frost, but fast growing and prolific.  But it is so... ordinary.  It is the subject of jokes among gardeners.  Who wants zucchini?

I wondered if I should apologize for offering zucchini to people last year, but many were actually enthusiastic.  I even traded some of them to a fruit vendor who travels to our area and sells produce out of the back of his vehicle.

I can't help but meditate when I am working in my garden.  It's quiet; none of my kids has as persistent a dedication to pulling weeds as I do, so they are usually elsewhere.  I can actually think in whole sentences.

My life is a lot like my garden.

When I am concentrating on something else,  I turn my back for a bit.  I am not paying close attention to one area when I give my attention to another... and sin creeps in, again.  Suddenly, I discover that I am waist-deep in a bad habit or attitude.

Why don't my good qualities seem to exhibit the same vigor and tenacity?

That's an off-kilter perspective, and I know it.

Really, there is a Master Gardener in charge here.  He has done the planting, the watering, and He is more dedicated to pulling weeds than any of His children will ever be.  While I am paying attention to something else, He is paying attention to me.  He isn't surprised by anything, and He isn't overwhelmed one bit by the weeds in my life.  He just keeps on watering, tending, pulling the weeds, and sees His plan for a harvest coming along right on schedule.

Things about me that I think aren't important or desirable are the very ones He sometimes chooses for blessing others, and I walk away from those encounters shaking my head in wonder.  How did that "zucchini" bless that person so much?!

I am grateful that when I was a useless plot of rocks and trash, He cleared me and claimed me for His own.  I am amazed that He has worked through frost and scorching heat, never leaving me without His attention for one single day.  I thank God that He isn't put off by compost, mud, manure, cabbage worms or slugs.  I praise Him for getting down on His knees in the dirt and rejoicing over the tiny sprouts of good in my life.  And I am so glad that I can trust Him to bring the whole thing to fruition, to feed others and to bring forth more seed and to show the world around me that He is still in the business of creating life and order and beauty and provision.

And when I am finished growing down here, He'll transplant me to His own perfect garden, where I was meant to be with Him in the first place.  What a day that will be.
Under His sprinklers,
TiggerMommy  :-)