Monday, August 2, 2010

Our Final Home School High School Graduation

I have fought a good fight, 
I have finished my course, 
I have kept the faith... 

  -- II Timothy 4:7
It is the end of an era.

A milestone has been reached.

A calling has been accomplished.

On Saturday, June 19, 2010, my dear husband and I graduated our fourth and youngest child from our home school high school. It just doesn't seem possible our home school journey is complete.
Yet, we never really stop learning. Our other three graduated children have all gone on to increase learning and gain wisdom by grace. They really outgrew me, however, before they completed their high school courses. Apprenticeships, military service, college, university, and now seminary work, and never-ending independent studies are all the several ways our grown children are self educating and gaining experience. That's why I believe home education is really just the beginning of lifelong learning.
Education is less about spoon feeding and all about letting them feed themselves.
I agree with John Taylor Gatto when he says, "Growth and mastery come only to those who vigorously self-direct."

Spot on! Give them room to explore with some protective monitoring and guidance from their wise parent-teachers, and they will grow and prosper into what God has created them to be. They may not always do what we would do or be what we would want them to be, but they are a work in progress just as we, their parents, are. We may safely place them in the hands of an all-wise, all-knowing, longsuffering, ever merciful Heavenly Father and know they will be all they were meant to be.
That is why we can give all glory to God, our Sovereign Lord, who answered every prayer and gave every enabling grace, for bringing us to this monumental event.

Andrew has joined the U.S. Marine Corps, and will be heading off for boot camp sometime around October 4, 2010. I'll post updates as they unfold.