Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Ready for Back to School?

 Our Back to School
pary decorations

When will you start school?

For those who home educate their children, as we did, school may have never ended. :) We always schooled through the summer since we often took extended breaks throughout the year to enjoy something special like a family vacation without all the institutional learners crowding all the great sites (sa-weet!). More often, however, there were things which made schooling nearly impossible such as moving, mother's extended illness, bringing a new baby into the family, or helping others with these same needs.

Yet, schooling non-stop throughout the year can make it seem as though you never move on to a new level of accomplishment. If your family is like ours, I'd encourage you to have a Back to School Party to energize the kids and start the new year off with a bang!

Our parties were different each year. The first time we did this, I bought some party decorations appropriate for the occasion and made a special paper bag lunch such as children take when they attend an institutional school. Face it: some home schooled kids rarely get juice boxes and chips in individual serving sized bags.

Jonathan and Andrew enjoying juice boxes!
If you'd like to try this in your home school, perhaps you could even go so far as to put the lunches in each child's own bag and let them decorate it. Little ones might even enjoy putting together a back pack and walking to school for once. Just head them out the door, kiss them all good-bye, and wave them down the sidewalk as they walk around the house to the back door. Greet them as they enter the "schoolhouse" from there and have a giggling fit as you start your first day of school. :0)

Back to School Party Fare
(left to right) Jonathan (hidden), Andrew,
Teacher Mom (me), and Lydia

Other ideas might include a picnic at the park, a roller skating party, or a field trip to a local attraction you've never been to before. The possibilities are endless. Use your imagination and plan to have a very special opening school day this year.

What are your ideas for making the new school year special? Please share them here with us in the comment section or leave me a note through the Contact page: http://www.ehomebody.com/contact.html.