Wednesday, October 20, 2010

The One Year Mother Daughter Devo Promotes Convo With Tweens - Book Review

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When I saw Dannah Gresh's name on the cover of this mother-daughter devotional, I knew it would be great! Dannah and her co-author, Janet Mylin, have been speaking and writing for the Secret Keeper Girl ministry for many years. Their vision to help mothers protect their tween daughters from the onslaughts of a debauched culture have birthed this one-of-a-kind devotional.

Though the devotions teach the key spiritual truths, such as salvation, prayer, and Bible study, there are also challenges for a more practical, daily walk with God: finances, interpersonal relationships, civic responsibility, healthy habits and hygiene, personal witness, attitudes and character, biblical self-esteem, contentment, purity, separation from the world, and others. Some core doctrines of the faith (creation, angels, miracles, etc.) are also covered as well as "The Ten Commandments," "The Beatitudes," and "The Armor of God." And, I am very happy to tell what you won't find: radical feminism and psychobabble. How refreshing! Yet, what really stood out to me as I read this book is how the authors emphasize both the mother's responsibility for her daughter's spiritual welfare and the importance that daughters trust and confide in their mothers.

Something else I really appreciate about this book is the periodic reminder for daughters of this age (pre-teen, 9- to 14-year-olds) to resist the boy-craziness of their peer culture. This devotional could be a valuable springboard for discussing a girl's sexuality in a biblical context before the crucial decisions of the teen years are upon her. The emphasis on purity and open communication make this devotional a valuable tool in the hands of mothers who wish to make a difference in the lives of their daughters.

Though there are some deep subjects to ponder in these devotions, Dannah and Janet have mixed it up with crafts, recipes, hands-on activities, and even a movie suggestion. There is no room for boredom here. :)

Some things you might want to keep in mind:
  • Many of the devotions suggest internet resources. If you do not have internet access, you may wish to get some books from the library or other sources ahead of time.
  • The context seems to assume the child is already a believer. However, these discussions may very well open the door to talk about her soul's condition before God.
  • This devotional uses several different versions of the Bible. If you have a particular one you wish to use, simply look up the verses together in your Bible.
  • There are five devotionals regarding The Romans Road version of the Gospel. Some parents may wish to use these days to explain the Gospel in a broader context of Scripture.
  • There may be other issues covered in this volume which differ from what any given family believes. You may decide to explain these according to your own beliefs.
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Note: This book was given to me by Tyndale House Publishers in exchange for this review. However, all opinions are my own honest evaluations.

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