Monday, February 28, 2011

Fast Food Fast February

Well, I made it.

I was determined during the month of February (the shortest month of the year, of course) not to purchase anything from a fast food place, including soft drinks from soda fountains at gas stations and grocery stores (I think I bought two fountain drinks). It was a Fast Food Fast February, and it was a great success. :)

I allowed myself to enjoy a meal out if someone else paid for it. So, I went out with my husband for Valentine's Day and out with our second son for helping him with his taxes. I also gave myself permission to enjoy free items with a coupon as long as an additional purchase was not required. I got a free taco and maybe something else (can't recall right now). So, the rules weren't fast and hard. 

It was more about spending than about dieting, but it helped the diet, too, of course. Hopefully, this will help break my fast food/fountain drink habit and save us some moolah (and calories!).

Maybe you'd like to try going without fast food and soft drinks for a month some time. Come back and let me know how it goes and what you did.