Tuesday, April 19, 2011

The Writer's ToolBox - Curriculum Review

I have found a wonderful resource for budding writers and speakers. Though The Writer's Toolbox is geared toward seventh grade and up, I truly believe this would be helpful to anyone hoping to fine tune his word skills, including this blogger! As I have discovered, there are just some very important concepts not covered in either traditional writing courses in schools nor in most home school writing curricula.

In Patricia and Meagan Samuelsen's The Writer's Toolbox, you will find a concentrated study of the more obscure rhetorical devices used in effective written and oral communications. Though you may be familiar with simile, metaphor, and personification, good writers make use of many other tools such as climax, parallelism, and antithesis, not to mention polysyndeton, litotes, and synecdoche.

According to the authors, "Rhetorical devices were first examined by the rhetoricians of Greece. Writers and speakers have been honing these devices ever since in their search for clarity and beauty in language."

Don't be alarmed if some of these tools are unfamiliar. The authors do a fantastic job of developing each tool with clear explanations, examples from literature and oratory, and exercises with answer key. In these thirty short, enjoyable lessons, you can easily finish the book in a school year by studying one per week. The Writer's Toolbox is a great addition to any writing, public speaking, or debating program, and can be used in a classroom setting or at home.*

Patricia and Meagan want students to understand that words matter, and that using words skillfully is one of the joys of life! Learn more about The Writer's Toolbox at www.writers toolbox.net.

*Check out their educator's discount for orders of 4 or more copies!

Though a free copy of this book was given to this blogger in exchange for a review, this had no bearing on my opinions which are all genuinely my own.