Friday, August 12, 2011

A Balanced, Biblical View of Domestic Abuse in Christian Homes

If there's one thing which has plagued the patriarchal movement more than anything else is the claim by feminists that the men involved are abusers of their wives and children.

Stacy McDonald has written a biblically balanced post on the LAF website called Domestic Tyrants which is a must read for anyone questioning their home situation. I implore you to read this post, read the accompanying linked post she mentions on her own blog, and listen to the messages she links to.

This is a critical need in the sphere of biblical families. There is so much confusion out there and so much maligning of godly fathers that these resources are at the top of my list to my readers. Read them, listen to them, and pass them on to as many families as you can. The need is great, but our Lord is greater.

Domestic Tyrants: