Friday, June 29, 2012

Getting It All Done With Little Ones - Part 3

You may be asking right now, what does all of this have to do with keeping a clean and organized home? Shouldn't you be telling me how to create a schedule or something?

First of all, it is of the utmost importance you set your priorities straight before establishing a daily routine. In fact, your schedule must be filled in with your responsibilities toward God, your husband, and your children before anything else.

I know what you're thinking. How on earth could I possibly fit anything else in after doing all of that? Good question, my friend. How could you?

Please keep in mind being the mother of small children is only one stage of your whole life. This is why it is so important for you to begin now to enlist the aid of your older children. Eventually, they will be able to contribute more and more over the years and open up more time for you to pursue work at home, start a new business with your dear husband, or even do some writing on the side. Until then, however, these pursuits must take second place to the responsibilities you have regarding your roles of wife and mother.

Someone will ask, But, what if my husband wants me to make money for the family? By all means, if this is the case, then your first priority would be to obey your husband. However, you might first look for ways to minimize expenditures from the family budget rather than seek to earn money even from a home business.
In any case, a heart-to-heart talk with your husband is definitely in order before taking another step in the direction of working outside the roles of wife and mother while your children are still young. Let him know you are willing to work on reducing the family budget if he will let you remain unhindered from caring for the family at least while the children are small.

While we're on this point, may I share a little secret with you? Work-at-home is still a full-time job. In fact, most people who work from home even end up using what would have been their commute time to put extra hours into the business. The computer is always available; the supplies are always handy; there will always be one more little thing you have to get done before going to bed. So, unless you really have the time to put into a home business, I would suggest you put it off until the children are old enough to help with the little ones or with the business itself.

In fact, any activities, whether paid or not, should be closely examined
whether or not they should be included in your schedule, especially during this fragile time of family life. For instance, that weekly ladies' Bible study may even be too much for this phase of your motherhood. Perhaps you should either look for one which meets only once a month or give it up completely until you have more help at home.

Here's another thing to consider. Just because you are "home all day" doesn't mean you are available all day to come to everyone's beck and call.

Repeat this little word after me. Ready?


Say it again.


Do not feel guilty about not volunteering at church or not taking care of aging family members when there are other people equally capable of doing it? If necessary, enlist the aid of your protector-husband to step in for you, and most assuredly if it is an on-going problem with his side of the family.

You must protect your priorities and guard them carefully. If you are not vigilant, there will always be outside forces pulling at you -- and possibly even inside desires for fulfillment -- which will draw you away from your biblical responsibilities.

Is it possible to get it all done with toddlers and babies? Sure it is. But, what needs to be done may need an overhaul first. Then what needs to be done can finally get done.

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