Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Protecting Your Children Involves Keeping Them Modest

Our daughter and I were delighted to finally get to shop together at our local famers' market last week. We found a good place to park near the fairway and made our way through a spot between vendors.

However, all my eager anticipation vanished and my heart sunk to my toes at the first thing to greet my eyes. Standing in front of us was the shocking sight of a toddler whose bottom cheeks were slipping out of her flimsy bathing suit. Her mother, oblivious to what some might consider an innocent show of near nudity, chit-chatted with her about the beautiful colors of the vegetables and flowers as they slowly made their way on down the venue. I tried to put it out of my mind, just chalking it up to ignorant parenting. But, I just couldn't shake the uneasy feeling I had as I looked around to see if some pervert might be lustily eyeing the precious little cherub.

At this point you probably think I am the pervert. You might thing, Good grief, woman, stop being so paranoid! She was a BABY, for heaven's sake.

But, then I ran across this article in our local news service:

This pervert was staying at our local mission located only THREE BLOCKS from where this little one was on public display. He could have been roaming that farmers' market even while viewing the child pornography on his cell phone. He could have been following this mother and her baby through the crowd wickedly taking in the view and perhaps even waiting for an opportunity to abduct her for his own purposes.

This is the dangerous world we live in.

Please, please consider this warning. Make sure your children, even your little ones, are properly clothed and covered before going out. I would especially warn against flimsy, loose bathing suits which tend to cling in the most immodest ways imaginable. In fact, a loose suit is more often worse than a snug-fitting one. For an extra precaution, consider choosing suits with skirts which strike below their bottom. Even little boys are at risk in our culture, so it might be better to choose loose, shorts-type swimming apparel for them rather than briefs.

In any case, please don't be foolishly oblivious to what your children are wearing in public. You do not know who might be watching... and waiting.