Tuesday, September 11, 2012

A September 11 Patriot Day Poem

Our son, Andrew, was celebrating his ninth birthday when our nation was attacked by Muslim terrorists on September 11, 2001. God has used it as a means of shaping his life from that point on. That may be one reason he is now serving our country in the United States Marine Corps.

In commemoration of Patriot Day, I thought I'd share a poem he wrote last year.

Never Forget.


Always to Remember

I promise always to remember,
That September morn which was cloudless and clear,
Our Nation slept with dreams as clear of fear.

I promise always to remember,
That by evenings end a pillar of smoke drear,
Had overshadowed all we held so dear.

I promise always to remember,
The events that made the tragic, infamous date,
When innocents would meet their unjust fate.

I promise always to remember,
All those who died in much needless suffering,
And those who died their service offering.
I promise always to remember,
Those who did the crime of hateful jealousy
Of Freedoms triumph over Tyranny.

I promise always to remember,
The rally cry of an awakened Nation,
That brought our warriors to battle station.

I promise always to remember,
How in pursuit of right we invest'd our might,
To so bring to foreign lands Freedoms light.

So now let us here solemnly swear,
That dreadful eleventh day of September,
Now and ever, always to remember.

Above all let us never forget,
Our strength's essence, and very source of success,

The right of our sword, God omnipotent,
We ask him not lightly this Country to bless,

And let Freedom reign and never relent.