Saturday, March 9, 2013

International Women's Day Embraces and Supports Girl Scouts

Please see my original IWD post for its history and background information.

Few people from where I'm from know much about this high and holy day of the socialist-feminist movement. Nevertheless, one must keep up with what the proponents of error are up to at any given time and be ready to give the biblical answers to the problems they seek to address through "awareness" and indoctrination.
Image source: Website of the Socialist Party USA
I found it interesting the top five nations of the world hosting events for this 2013 observance are as follows:
  1. United Kingdom (428 events)
  2. United States of America (251 events)
  3. Australia (185 events)
  4. Canada (159 events)
  5. India (92 events)
All are led by the West or have been influenced by Western thought and culture. What about Russia, where International Women's Day gained its strongest foothold in the early 20th Century? Where is the conservative, Christian influence of the lands whose mothers produced Bunyan, Wesley, Whitfield, Edwards, and Spurgeon?

My only conclusion is that the Gospel and discipleship in biblical roles of men and women in these countries have been trumped by the media, entertainment, and all levels of education from preschool through university. Christian parents would do well to protect their children, especially their girls from these influences and, rather, instill in them right teachings according to biblical truth. 

It is not an option to allow the modern church to do it for us. In fact, we would do well to investigate what our children are being taught about these things by those who influence them when they are at church or in church programs, even church-sponsored Girl Scouts.

I was alarmed to see that the International Women's Day website donates 50% of its page advertising to the World Association of Girl Guides and Girl Scouts. Why do they do that?
Girls are change agents for the future. By drawing the world's attention to the inclusion of girls in all IWD activity globally, many more minds will be inspired, barriers broken and expectations for fulfilling potential realised. Girl Guides and Girl Scouts are tomorrow's [feminist] women leaders.1 [Inserted by me.]
Here is the video currently being used to indoctrinate our Girl Scouts:

The danger is in how good this all sounds in some points. Yet, there is an underlying socialist agenda all throughout this flagrantly propagandist piece:

"In the world called now..."

  • a girl has many siblings. What's wrong with that?
  • a girl collects water and fire wood. What's wrong with that?
  • a girl looks after her siblings. What's wrong with that?
  • a girl has no time to play, only chores to do. What's wrong with that?
The hope and change mantra of our current president is echoed throughout this video, promising the girls in this world of Hope she will get the good job, chooses her own husband when she is older, and, apparently, has only two children. 

Then, what about those strange promises in Hope, such as, "she will be kissed by her mother, who she wants to be like one day;" and "she will be immunized by a nurse at school?" Are we to assume that girls raised in homes which do not match the feminist socialist ideal are not kissed by their mothers? Do those girls not want to be like their mothers? And, since when do nurses at school have the right to immunize our children?

These things are very troubling. I know how good those GS thin mints are, but I have to wonder whether or not one should be supporting this organization considering the direction they are going, especially linked arm-in-arm with the International Women's Day movement.

Do you have experience with the Girl Scouts? Have you seen any of these issues being raised in recent years? Please feel free to share with us in the Comments below.