Monday, July 29, 2013

Three Decades of Fertility Book Review

Three Decades of Fertility
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I simply love hearing and sharing birth stories. Every pregnancy, labor, and delivery are unique. The miracle of birth is indeed one of the greatest evidences of Creation. Only an intelligent Creator could plan such a perfect means of bringing more souls into the world. He is the God of Creation and of re-Creation in the conception of every child.

This consciousness seemingly took a back seat even in the Christian community with the advent of the birth control pill and all its fellow means of preventing conception. However, in recent years, with the spotlight being on families such as the Duggars, many believers are once again considering what place God has in their fertility.

Yet, the idea of giving one's fertility solely into God's hands presents an often frightening scenario to those who have been raised with the idea that having many children is detrimental to the health and well being of mothers. They may even see women like Michelle Duggar and assume they will end up with something close to her number of blessings if they don't DO something to stop it.

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This book, Three Decades of Fertility, addresses those fears while also sharing the blessings of the journeys of ten women who chose to give God their fertile years over the course of three decades of their lives. The author, Natalie Klejwa, says of these women,
These ladies are not super-moms. You’ll get to read about their struggles, doubts, financial problems, marriage issues, losses, and physical ailments during and after pregnancy. But you’ll also discover, right along with them, that God is bigger than you think—and His faithfulness to His children is always a given. No matter what happens.
As Natalie says, these women aren't super stars; they are women just like you and me. And, their experiences and encouragements will warm your heart and strengthen your faith. Whether you are a young woman just beginning to contemplate how many children you want when you marry, a woman on the verge of menopause who may still conceive, or any fertile woman in between, you will be blessed by the testimonials of this volume.

In these 345 pages, plus two bonus chapters, you will find much practical advice about problems and solutions of pregnancy, how one's fertility changes with age, and how to keep in optimal good health all during your fertile years and beyond. Furthermore, based on a survey taken in 2012, these in depth questions are answered by the contributors:
  • How do you deal with the fear of increased miscarriage, infant loss, or birth defects? How can one handle that kind of pain, especially over and over again?
  • How do you balance life with older kids and babies? Do you feel this is unfair to the older children?  How do they feel about having more brothers and sisters? Is it being greedy to want more babies at the risk of not being able to meet the needs of the rest of the family?
  • How do I deal with extended family members, friends, and even the medical community who disapprove of our continuing to want more babies as we get older?
  • Will I have the energy I need to continue to raise children into my 50's if I have some in my 40's? Is it fair to the child to have older parents?
  • Do you have any practical tips for high-mileage mamas dealing with fatigue, pelvic separation, joint pain, varicose veins, etc.? In other words, what kinds of pregnancy issues did you have to deal with, and how did you deal with them? 
  • And more!
To read more about Three Decades of Fertility, including excerpts, endorsements, and a list of contributors, be sure to visit the information page on the Visionary Womanhood website.

Available in paperback, Kindle, Nook, and PDF formats.

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