Thursday, November 21, 2013

Yes, You Can

Sometimes life can be overwhelming. It doesn't matter what stage of womanhood you are in at the moment, there are going to be challenges you just don't think you can handle.

  • Perhaps you wake up one morning and realize your marriage is on the brink of disaster. What happened to that guy who "wined and dined" you so tenderly before you took your vows to stay with him for life?
  • Baby #? is on his way, and you don't think you can handle one more sleepless night with all the little ones you already have. 
  • That promising career you gave up when you got pregnant looks really tempting as you wipe another nose, change another diaper, and clean up the same mess again for the upteenth time in one day. 
  • Your aging parents are in ill health and need help, but each lives 500 miles in either direction from you after having divorced 35 years ago.
Marriage, parenting, and caring for aging parents -- and sometimes even siblings, other family members, friends, church families, and neighbors -- are all most likely the different aspects of our multifaceted lives. Often is seems we cannot handle all which is expected of us. Yet, unless there are extenuating circumstances beyond our control, we know we have a responsibility before God to care for those in our keeping.
  • If you are married, you are responsible for loving and obeying your husband. (Eph. 5:22; Titus 2:4, 5; I Pet. 3:1)
  • If you have children, they are your number one career. (Deut. 11:18, 19; Psalm 113:9; Titus 2:4)
  • If you have aging parents who are in need of help, you (along with your siblings) are responsible for finding a way to have their needs met whether in person or by other qualified persons. (Mark 7:9-13; I Tim. 5:4-8)
  • If you are working or running a business to contribute to the family income, you have that responsibility added on to the others mentioned above. (Eph. 6:5-8; Col. 3:22-24; Titus 2:9, 10)
It is no wonder the Tempter comes in the voices of well-meaning people. I'm sure you've heard them:
  • "God wouldn't want you to suffer like that."
  • "You can devote more quality time to your other children if you have only a few."
  • "You need more 'Me time'."
  • "You can't move your mother in with you; you gotta have a life."
  • "If your home schooled kids aren't testing at comparable levels with their peers, it's time  -- for the sake of your children -- to put them into public school."
  • "You are such a talented person, and your college degree is just going to waste!"
Sometimes you can't help agreeing with them: you can't keep putting up with this mistreatment day in and day out; you can't keep juggling all the spheres of home management, homeschooling, overseeing the care of your parents, and maintaining a healthy marriage; you simply cannot trim one more red cent from your bare-bones budget; the stress is too demanding and the sacrifices too costly; and YOU JUST CAN'T TAKE IT ANYMORE!

Yes, you can.

There is not one legitimate responsibility in your life which hasn't been hand delivered by your Heavenly Father. Regardless of your unique circumstances, you can do what God has given you to do.

Knowing you can is often the first step to doing it. "Faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen." (Hebrews 11:1) Faith is seeing the end before you even begin. You have to look at each God-given aspect of your life and know without a doubt that you will be able to accomplish each assignment by His grace.

By faith, you can 

  • Make his lunch, kiss him good-bye, and tell him you love him the morning after a ferocious fight over finances
  • Create a workable schedule for housekeeping....again
  • Start your home school lessons where you left off three months ago
  • Make whatever sacrifices are necessary to make sure your parents' basic needs are met
  • Put off using that college degree at least until you have reached the conclusion of your mommy career
  • Wipe another nose, change another diaper, and clean up that same mess for the upteenth time in one day
Please consider these verses when you are tempted to run away from what God has given you to do:

Not that we are sufficient of ourselves to think any thing as of ourselves; but our sufficiency is of God... -- 2 Corinthians 3:5

And he said unto me, My grace is sufficient for thee: for my strength is made perfect in weakness. Most gladly therefore will I rather glory in my infirmities, that the power of Christ may rest upon me. -- 2 Corinthians 12:9

I can do all things through Christ which strengtheneth me. -- Philippians 4:13

I am the vine, ye are the branches: He that abideth in me, and I in him, the same bringeth forth much fruit: for without me ye can do nothing. -- John 15:5

Do you see the empowering thread which runs through each of these Scripture verses? It is the enabling grace of God sufficient for every need given by the Holy Spirit who dwells in every believer. If you feel your strength waning and you just want to run and hide, I encourage you to read the word, meditate on these verses in particular, and pray for that enabling grace through the Spirit of Christ.

Through Christ, ...yes, you can.