Tuesday, December 31, 2013

11 Reasons You Don't Have To Quit FB in 2014

I read the article 11 Reasons You Should Quit FB in 2014 this morning and just can't get it out of my head. I don't see how these arguments give any justification for quitting Facebook at all. Here are my ponderings:

1. Nobody actually wants to just read about what you're doing anymore. Status updates ARE Facebook. The great thing about what Facebook is today is that you CAN include photos, videos, notes, links, and all sorts of cool stuff, even Instagram photos. What's the point? The author also sites a TIME interview with teenagers who are leaving FB for other social media such as Twitter and Instagram. The beauty of FB is that you can integrate these other social media into your FB account and have all your bases covered. Who has time to flit between social media platforms?

2. Facebook makes it impossible for you to stay "private." Honestly, if you want to stay private today, you will have to stay off the Internet altogether. 'Nuff said.

3. Your parents (and even grandparents) are now watching your every move. One of the best (and worst) things about Facebook is that it is family integrated. I don't see how living a life in hiding from wise, older adults in your family is a good thing. Besides, it is much easier to share photos and information across the family platform through Facebook than having to call or write to everyone individually. And sharing photos of major life events with older people or invalids is such a blessing. Why would you want to exclude them?

4. Or they're posting photos of you that you would never want anyone to see.  Sure, go ahead and quit Facebook. They will still post embarrassing photos of you; you just won't know about it or have a chance to come to your own defense. The example the author gives is adorable, and the banter between mother and son over it is hilarious! Everyone understands. We all come to Facebook knowing we may find photos of us which will give others a good laugh. Learn to laugh at yourself, and try not to be offended. And, next time you're at Mom's house, you might want to go on a search and destroy mission through the family photo album. ;)

5. Facebook is even keeping track of what you don't say. This is one thing which does bother me. I discovered that they automatically send comments to people even before you can change your mind and delete them. Just as with any other form of social media or even commenting on forums and blog posts, be careful what you say and consider whether or not you should say it at all before hitting the send/post button.

6. Facebook makes you feel less positive about your life. I have heard this before, and it's nonsense. It isn't Facebook that makes people feel this way, it's human nature. In truth, Facebook has improved the lives of many people I know. I have a shut-in friend whose kids set her up with a computer, Internet, and a Facebook account so she could "get out of the house" and socialize. For myself, I know I would have had a much worse time coping with the grief of my mother's passing if I didn't have instant access to praying, compassionate friends and family on Facebook. I praise God for it!

7. The "friend suggestions" tell you to befriend people you don't even know. So? What's the point? You don't have to Friend anyone you don't want to.

8. You realize you only know and care about only 20 people out of your 1,000 friends. Simple solution: If that's the case and it bothers you, unfriend the people you don't know or care about. It is possible to clean up your own friend list. It's okay. Another option is to place those 20 people in a special group -- the People I Care About group. You may then access only their status updates from a link in the left column of your Home page. I do this when I only want to see if the kids have posted any new photos of the grandchildren. :)

9. Your friends keep announcing their engagements. Perhaps there is a problem with being SELFISH here. Rejoicing with those who do rejoice is a Christian fruit of the Spirit. If you want to get married/have a baby/lose weight/retire early/bla-da-bla-da-blah, then pray about it and move in that direction. You don't have to sit in self-pity and envy those who are sharing their blessings. When you have your joyful life events, you can post them, too, and enjoy the blessing of others rejoicing with you. Stop being so selfish.

10. The excessive ads are about to ruin the whole experience. My AdBlock blocked 13 ads on the page where this article ran. Nuff said.

11. It makes getting over a breakup really hard. It is possible to unfriend someone you have broken up with. If they are still in the comments of other friends, it is similar to seeing them in non-virtual situations such as school, church, or work. There is no avoiding it sometimes. If it becomes too much, take a break from FB. But, this is no reason to quit this social media platform altogether. 

I must also note that the ONLY reason I found and read this article is because it was shared on Facebook! Talk about shooting yourself in the foot. 

Just my thoughts. What do you think? 

I'll probably catch most of your comments back on Facebook. 

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