Wednesday, May 7, 2014

10 Reasons I'm Willing to Try Trim Healthy Mama

Yep, I've officially jumped on the bandwagon.

You've probably heard about Trim Healthy Mama by now. It's all over Facebook and the blogosphere, especially among homeschool mothers. Basically, it's a low-glycemic diet full of satiating fat, protein, and fiber. My curiosity finally got the best of me, so I checked out a copy of the book at our local library. It sounded doable to me, but it was evident I would need my own copy in order to do it properly. I balked at the price, but after seeing all the testimonies on the THM Facebook group, I knew I had to get it.[1]

Here are my main reasons for wanting to jump on the Trim Healthy Mama bandwagon:

1. My weight is at emergency status. I am so overweight you wouldn't believe it.
2. The overwhelming number of success stories gives me hope.
3. I've tried everything else. Why not this?
4. I can still have most of the things I am used to eating already.
5. I am open to high-carb food substitutions. I have no problem with the natural alternative sweeteners they suggest.
6. This diet makes vegetables easier to incorporate.  
7. It is adaptable for eating out and traveling.
8. The key concepts are easy to remember.
9. I love meat as a main part of dinner meals.
10. I believe my husband will be pleased with the menu.

It may take time for me to make up menus and shopping plans, but I've already gotten a good start and tried many recipes I like. You may check out my THM Pinterest board here:

If you have tried THM or are on the program now, I'd love to hear your story. You may leave your comments here or on my Facebook page:

 [1] The print version is around $30.00, and digital versions are $19.95. I am convinced now that having both print and digital versions has it's advantages if you are serious about the diet for the long term.