Friday, October 24, 2014

Reflecting On Our Goals For Child Rearing Part 2

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In Part 1 of Reflecting On Our Goals For Child Rearing, I covered the areas of spirituality, domestic living, and vocation. In this post, I will continue with health and social living.


  • That they would choose to eat healthy foods most of the time and only indulge occasionally
  • That they would make exercise a daily part of their lives
  • That they would remain pure before marriage
  • That they would get adequate rest
  • That they would choose not to live dangerously
  • That they would learn to listen and obey their God-given physical signals for hunger, fullness, thirst, stress, and need for rest
  • That they would not become peer dependent at any time in their lives
  • That they would choose to please God in their social lives rather than according to their own pleasure or of the world
  • That their friends would be a good and godly influence for their good
  • That they would find the company of the world distasteful
  • That they would prefer the company of their family most of the time
  • That they would be polite, courteous, and observe proper etiquette at home and in social settings
Unlike some of the points in Part 1, I can't argue with these. And, thankfully, I believe most of them have been fruitful in our grown children's lives.