Thursday, February 5, 2015

How To Save Photos From Facebook

"Big Red" lighthouse, Holland, MI
Your daughter-in-law shares the most awesome pictures of the out-of-state grandchildren. You finally get to see pictures from that wedding you were unable to attend. There is a rare heirloom portrait posted on a family group page you would love to frame and hang on your wall. The only problem is these are all only available on Facebook.

Facebook, like any other online social network is as unstable as a house of cards and liable to fall with the slightest online breeze. There are no guarantees you will be able to view or access those same photos even in the next minute. Your account could be cancelled, there could be a terrorist hacker, or Facebook could go belly up. It happens all...the...time. So how can you retrieve those precious moments available only on Facebook?

Here is a method I have used numerous times:

1. Click on the photo so it appears in the viewer mode.

2. Right click and choose "Open photo in a new tab."

3. Right click on the photo which pops up in the new tab and choose "Save photo as," type in a name for it (making sure it is in a folder where you want it on your computer or can easily find it later), then click Save.

I have even had downloaded pictures developed on websites like Walgreens Photo and Snapfish to make photo calendars for great-grandparents and send prints to out-of-state relatives. This also works for saving photos of recipes people post which you want to save and pictures you've uploaded from your phone.

With the volatility of online social media you never know when all those precious memories could be lost. Download them today!

Of course, as with any online photos, be sure to get permission where it is obvious you should.