Thursday, October 1, 2015

100 Secrets For Successful Homeschooling: A Few Things Well

One little known fact about educating your children at home is the opportunities it provides which are usually only open to a few elites in public and private schools, such as sports and the performing arts. Even if your kids don't perform all that well, you can usually find groups which will -- out of compassion -- let them participate anyway. You may also be tempted to join all the fantastic co-op programs in town, and, of course, any day is a good day for a field trip, especially after all the schools are back in session! ;) 

However, you may find you and the children are becoming overwhelmed with the stress of running thither and yon, and it isn't long before they start falling behind in the essential subjects. Unless an activity is linked to a unit of study in a given subject, it is usually best to cut back on extra-curricular activities and concentrate on the core curriculum most of the time. 

There is that maketh himself rich yet hath nothing; there is that maketh himelf poor, yet hath great riches. ~ Proverbs 18:7