Thursday, October 8, 2015

100 Secrets For Successful Homeschooling: Individual Interests

Discover and nurture individual gifts and talents by allowing the children to explore their own interests during free time.

In a previous "secret," we looked at how extra-curricular activities outside the home could be detrimental to excellence in the core subjects. However, the schedule should not be so tight there is no room for independent study and pursuits. In fact, when children are given the time and resources to follow their own interests, patterns begin to emerge which may give the parents wisdom in directing the child into his or her adult calling(s). 

For instance, a child who loves to help in the kitchen may have a calling to work in culinary arts either in the home, in a restaurant, or even their own business. Kids who are constantly tearing things apart may end up in engineering or mechanics. A child who would rather be doing something outdoors than inside may want to consider a career in the great outdoors such as forestry or landscaping. 

Though there is no guarantee they will end up in a career path which mirrors their interests, perhaps they will discover hobbies which are also an important part of a well-rounded, healthy adulthood.