Tuesday, November 24, 2015

100 Secrets For Successful Homeschooling: Guidance Counseling

Be your child's guidance counselor.

One part of being a homeschool parent is helping your children discover their life's calling. Though childhood offers many opportunities to pursue personal interests, by the time they reach high school age, it is time to look for opportunities for them to explore different fields with actual hands-on experience. This could be by taking on a part-time job, apprenticing, starting a business, volunteering, or other options.

One way to begin is by looking at the opportunities within your own community. Are there businessmen in your church or homeschool group who might be willing to take your child on as a helper or apprentice? Is there a mother of many small children who could use some household help? Some hospitals offer what we called candy striping volunteer services.

Most of these situations, even the apprenticeships, are offered without pay. However, if your teen wants to make money while seeking his calling, there is a plethora of books and resources available for exploring teen entrepreneurial opportunities. Some parents have even started businesses for the purpose of giving their kids hands-on experience and ended up quitting their day jobs because it was so successful.

In any case, it would be wise to investigate the child labor laws for your state before entering into any work situation. And the most important thing is to pray with and for your child that God would lead and guide into whatever He has made them to do.