Thursday, February 11, 2016

Chipped Teacups and Broken Mugs

I saw this meme on Facebook and thought the image they chose was perfect as an example of how we truly are in the eyes of God without Christ.

From the Tim Challies' blog:

I appreciate the cup being broken. Some like to portray us as "chipped teacups." You can still drink out of a chipped teacup. I happen to have a prized teacup that is chipped, and it's easy to hide its imperfections when I have it on display. I'm afraid that is how we see ourselves too often. We're just a little chipped. We can hide that.

My prized Royal Albert teacup
It's easy to put our best foot forward when others are looking. We can dress modestly and lust after someone attractive. We can keep our mouths shut when our hearts are full of cursing and bitterness. We can carry our Bibles to church and neglect to crack them open during the week. I'm sure the whitewashed graves Christ compared the Pharisees to were a lovely sight to behold gleaming in the sun (Matthew 23:27), lovely receptacles for the dead men's bones hidden inside.

Whited sepulchres (source)
In reality, we are like the broken coffee mug, useful for nothing. We aren't worthy of display or even to be stashed behind a cabinet door. We are completely broken and worthy of the trash bin. Yet, God loved us in spite of ourselves and gave the greatest gift in the universe to redeem us, His own Son. When we believe in Christ, He gives us His Spirit, making us new creations useful for the good of others, all for His glory and not our own. 
Amazing love. 
Amazing grace.