Thursday, May 18, 2017

Balanced Biblical Advice on Child Training From Melissa Kruger

Through the years, I have read stacks and stacks of books on child training. As a parent, I wanted with all my heart to "get it right" with our kids. However, though much of what I read was helpful and biblical, I often interpreted it through the lenses of my own experience.

You see, I was reared in a home where child discipline hinged on spanking. Those spankings which were, unfortunately, most often administered in anger, just as my parents' parents had taught them. I thought it worked for me, so it must be the way to do it.

Yet, I didn't want to do it in anger like my parents did, so I justified my angry discipline as righteous indignation, meting out justice in the name of the Lord. I was so confused and wrong. I am thankful that along the way somewhere the Lord changed my heart about that, and I was able to become more balanced in my child rearing.

Then I read this article on the Gospel Coalition website which finally brought it all into focus. In her post 5 Principles for Disciplining Your Children, I believe Melissa Kruger has indeed given some of the most helpful, balanced, and biblical advice on child rearing I have ever read. And I have read A LOT!

I have already commented on the article on the GO website and commented on, liked it, and shared it on Fabebook, but I thought I should also give my blog reader a heads up and get the word out about this fantastic post. I hope you will also pass it on to others who might benefit from its sound teaching.