Hello! My name is Marcia Wilwerding, and I am the creator and editor of the eHomebody blog. 

My husband Les and I were married on June 1, 1985, and were soon blessed with four wonderful children: Jonathan, Samuel, Lydia, and Andrew. Even before we met one another, we already had a vision for our family. We felt God wanted us to educate our children at home.

So, while Les went to work, I taught the children and kept the house (sort of). We did this completely by faith not knowing how we would go about it or how things would turn out.

Nevertheless, with full confidence in the faithfulness of God, I officially began instructing Jonathan and Samuel in the fall of 1991 using the Abeka K4 curriculum at our little kitchen table. By the time our youngest graduated in 2010, we had completed nearly twenty years of domestic academic bliss. Though we are all still a work in progress -- in answer to prayer and by the grace of God -- we can praise Him alone that the kids didn't turn out too shabby after all.

Since July of 2009, we have also had the joy and blessing of adding many new Wilwerdings to our growing clan as the grandchildren have started coming along. 

Our oldest son, Jonathan, was wed to Miss Emily Shamburger on July 4, 2009, and they have been blessed with four of our little grandchildren (and one due in February 2017). We have been blessed indeed with the addition of these five lovely ladies. Jonathan is a skilled tile layer and is studying for the ministry during his spare time (whatever that is). 

Our second son Sam was married to Hannah Jones on July 30, 2011, and they have given us our first and, so far, only two grandsons. After graduating from Southern Seminary in 2014, Sam completed a two-year internship at The Austin Stone church in Austin, TX, and is now moved to Alabama where he will study law at the University of Alabama. 

Our daughter Lydia married her sweetheart, Jake Schwartz, in May of 2014. They live in Dallas where Jake works as a CPA while Lydia keeps the home with the help (hindrance?) of our one-year-old granddaughter.

Our youngest son Andrew served with honor in the United States Marine Corps at Cherry Point, NC, from 2010-2015 and is now studying engineering at Craven Community College in New Bern, NC. 

Since my homeschooling years came to a close, my focus has now turned 
toward sharing with others how it is possible, by the grace of God, to create a healthy, happy, holy home.

Do any of these readers describe you?

  • Just beginning to explore her future family life 
  • Seeking wisdom for her new roles as wife and mother 
  • Needs a little encouragement to “keep on homekeeping”

If so, then I welcome you to visit me here in my home on the Web. It is my heart's desire that you might find here something you can take into your own home which will help and encourage you in your endeavors to build a godly home.

I absolutely love feedback! Please feel free to leave your civil comments, helpful suggestions, and even a loving criticism now and then. I look forward to getting to know you better!

With love and many prayers,